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the most advanced premium detail package

Premium Detail Package

Ultimate Luxury  Detailing Package

For this package we schedule an entire day to work on your car. We combine everything from our Complete Detail package, plus our clay bar treatment and single-stage paint correction. We then finish up by UV protecting all exterior plastics.

The Perfect Pre-Sale Detail

We dedicate an entire day to meticulously detail your car. This advanced package combines all our expertise in one comprehensive offering, encompassing everything from our Complete Detail to a Full Exterior Detail. Additionally, it includes a thorough deep clean of the interior.

We exclusively trust professional brand names such as Rupes, Bigfoot, and ShineMate, ensuring a flawless job every time. The single-stage machine polish is designed to exfoliate your paint, eliminating light swirl marks, holograms, and marring.

Our primary goal with this package is to provide the deepest interior detail possible while enhancing shine, gloss, and protection for your paint. It's a truly comprehensive package with phenomenal results.

Our Premium Detail package breakdown:

CAR $635  |  SUV $725  |  4WD $845

we accept amex credit card

Bring Your Car Back to Life

Our Premium Detail showcases the absolute best in detailing perfection. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what this package can do for you.

full outside car wash clean
full interior package upholstery clean
pre-sale detail with machine cut and polish

Premium Detail Package FAQ's

We strive to make sure all of our customers have a great experience with our car detailing services. Read the common questions our client's have about this package. If you have any other questions please feel free to Contact Us today! We are always happy to help you get the best car detailing service possible!

How long does the Premium Detail package take?

This package takes all day. Usually about 6 to 9 hours.


Can I bring the car to you?

We are a mobile detailing only servicing southern suburbs of Adelaide.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, credit, debit, and gift cards as payment. All credit and debit transactions are processed through Square for secure checkout.


Do you need access to water?

Yes, we need access to a power point and a tap connection nearby.


What is your weather policy?

In the event of inclement weather, such as excessive wind, severe storms or rain, we will reschedule your appointment to the next available opening. In the event of any changes to your appointment, you will be promptly notified by phone.


What is a clay bar and how does it work? 

This package includes clay baring of your paint. Clay bars are used to remove embedded contaminants from your vehicles painted surfaces as well as on glass. Some surface contamination won’t budge from your vehicles paint with normal car wash procedures. The detailing clay bar safely removes the bonded surface contamination without harming your paint in any way. Read more about it on our Blog Post.


Is it safe to clean the engine? 

Yes, it is safe, but we are still very careful during the entire process. We don’t flood the engine with water. We use just enough to rinse off the cleaner and dirt (which isn’t much). We use the wand at a safe distance. We cover up any sensitive areas for added precaution.


Do you shine the Engine?

Yes! Once we’ve cleaned and dried off the engine bay, we’ll use a non-silicone based dressing and protect all plastics and rubber areas. Read more about Engine Bay Blog Post.


How do we reduce the chance of swirl marks?

We do several things to protect your paint and mitigate the risk of swirl marks during the wash process. We always use our foam cannon – you can read more about that in out Blog Post. We also perform several high-pressure rinses to remove contaminants like grit, bird droppings and road film from your paint before we even place a wash mitt down on your paintwork. Also, every single microfiber wash mitt we use is perfectly cleaned and never re-used to ensure scratch-free performance. Finally, when we dry your car, we use large microfiber drying towels as this process minimises contact with your vehicles paintwork as well as getting into all the areas you can’t reach.


What is a polishing compound? What is it used for?

A polishing compound removes light scratches and exfoliates the surface of your paintwork. People sometimes confuse it with a polishing wax. The latter is a broader term for removing paint defects and applying wax and sealant for protection. The key difference in polishing is a cutting agent applied. It acts like a liquid sandpaper to remove small amounts of clear coat layer to permanently removes paint defects. Read more about it in our Polishing Blog Post.

Excellent Service And Highly Recommend!

Our customers love our car detailing services! We have a long list of satisfied customers who have left glowing reviews about our services. Our attention to detail and commitment to customer service is second to none. Experience the difference for yourself and book an appointment today!

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