An incredible pre-sale detailing package

For this package, we schedule an entire day to work on your car. This package combines everything from our Complete Detail, with a machine polish and ceramic sealant.


We only trust professional brand names like Rupes, Bigfoot and ShineMate which insures the perfect job each and every time. The single stage machine polish included in this package designed to remove light swirl marks and scuffs, removing up to 70-80% of paint defects.


After the polish has been completed, we lock everything in with a high quality paint sealant to ensure you have the longest lasting protection available for your vehicle.


Our primary goal with this package is to make your sure your car looks perfect not on the inside, but also has ultimate protection on the outside.

Our Premium Detail 28-step process:

  1. Approximately 6 hours.

  2. Pre-soak to treat bugs.

  3. Wheels hand scrubbed with a soft detailing brush.

  4. Fenders pre-sprayed and pressure rinsed.

  5. Engine bay detail.

  6. Pressure rinse before hand washing.

  7. High quality pH neutral snow foam cannon.

  8. Hand wash and final pressure rinse.

  9. Microfibre dry.

  10. Door jambs cleaned.

  11. Fine grade clay bar treatment.

  12. Single stage machine polish.

  13. Permanon ceramic sealant.

  14. Full vacuum with our PowerBrush.

  15. Deep steam clean of all interior trims.

  16. Glovebox and storage compartments cleaned.

  17. Cabin filter checked and deodorised.

  18. Doors panels cleaned and UV protected.

  19. Air-con vents detailed.

  20. Cup holders detailed.

  21. Fabric seats pre-sprayed and shampooed.

  22. Leather seats deep cleaned and protected.

  23. Carpets pre-sprayed and shampooed.

  24. Mats pre-sprayed and shampooed.

  25. Dash UV protected.

  26. Interior trims UV protected.

  27. Roof lining wiped.

  28. Interior windows cleaned.

Car $460  |  SUV $500  |  4WD $580  |  Van $640

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Have your car looking like brand new

The highlights of our Premium Detail package.

full outside car wash clean

Full Outside Detail

full interior package upholstery clean

Full Interior Detail

pre-sale detail with machine cut and polish

Machine Polish and Sealant


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