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Full Interior Package

At Bubble & Squeak Car Detailing, our interior detailing Adelaide service removes the hassles of cleaning the interior yourself. Our mobile service means that we can come to you, using our know-how, high-quality products and professional cleaning equipment to remove deep ingrained dirt and stains and get your vehicle interior looking its best.

✓ Transparent Pricing     ✓ No Hidden Fees     ✓ Certified & Guaranteed

interior detail shampoo porsche

Deep Interior Detail Package

Our primary goal with this package is to restore your car's interior to showroom condition. Interior car detailing is neither easy nor quick due to the diverse materials comprising a vehicle's inside surfaces. Various gaps and hard-to-reach areas become hiding spots for dust, grit, sand, and sometimes even food.

Your car's interior - cleanliness, crispness, and freshness, resembling its original condition. We treat your car’s interior with the same care you would. Avoiding brute force, we refrain from oversaturating your vehicle’s carpet, seats, or buttons, ensuring your mats, carpet, and upholstery remain perfectly cleaned. Our approach is thorough, mindful, but at the same time, is backed by the right training, temperament, and discretion.

full interior package on a mazda

CAR $240  |  SUV $280  |  4WD $330


Full Interior Detail

This package includes a full vacuum using our Tornador® air tool to release stubborn contaminants in the carpet. Additionally, we steam clean the plastic trims to remove trapped dirt, followed by an upholstery pre-spray and extraction shampoo. Finally, we dress and UV protect all plastic and vinyl trims.

  • Approximately 2-3 hours.

  • Exterior Inclusions:

    • None included with this package.

  • Interior Inclusions:

    • Deep full vacuum.

    • Carpets flushed with Tornador® high-velocity compressed air.

    • Floor mats and boot liner shampooed.

    • Interior seams flushed with compressed air.

    • Deep steam clean of all hard plastics.

    • Glovebox and storage compartments cleaned.

    • Cabin filter checked and deodorised.

    • Fabric seats pre-sprayed and shampooed.

    • Leather seats deep cleaned and conditioned.

    • Full carpet shampoo extraction.

    • Mats extraction shampooed.

    • Doors panels cleaned and UV protected.

    • Air-con vents detailed.

    • Cup holders detailed.

    • All interior trims UV protected.

    • Dashboard UV protected.

    • Roof lining wiped.

    • Interior glass cleaned.

Our 4-Step Interior Clean Process

Our meticulous 4-Step Detailing Process is designed to bring your car back to life, leaving it cleaner, fresher, and more vibrant than ever.


We begin with thoroughly assessing the interior to identify problem areas.


Targeted pre-treatment solutions are applied preparing the carpet for shampooing.

Spot Cleaning

After the deep clean, we address any persistent spots like stains and dirt.

Final Checks

Comprehensive final inspection to ensure complete satisfaction with our work.


Mobile Car Detailing to All Southern Suburbs in Adelaide

For many years, Bubble & Squeak Car Detailing has provided quality detailing services to all southern Adelaide and Inner Southern suburbs. We can help with your detailing needs. We service the following areas:

You can also check out our FAQ & Support page for common questions you may have.

Happy Customer Reviews of Bubble & Squeak Car Detailing

We value our customers' opinions and feedback. We are proud to have received many positive reviews from our customers about our car detailing services. We are confident you will be pleased with the results!

Ask the Experts at Bubble & Squeak Car Detailing

Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for Interior Cleaning provides answers to the most common questions customers have when it comes to car detailing. We guarantee that our interior cleaning service will leave your car looking and smelling like new. If you have any additional questions regarding our interior cleaning service, please feel free to Contact Us.

How long does the Full Interior Detail package take?

Our Full Interior vehicle detail takes about 2 to 3 hours – but it can take more depending on the size of the vehicle.


Can I bring the car to you?

We are a mobile detailing service only.


How can I pay you?

We accept cash, credit, debit, and gift cards as payment. All credit and debit transactions are processed through Square for secure checkout.


Do you need access to water?

Yes, we need access to a power point and a tap connection nearby.


What is your weather policy?

In the event of inclement weather, such as excessive wind, severe storms or rain, we will reschedule your appointment to the next available opening. In the event of any changes to your appointment, you will be promptly notified by phone.


Do you shampoo the interior?

Yes! We use a powerful water extractor to shampoo the fabric seats, carpet, and floor mats.


Do all the stains come out?

Even though our goal is to reach perfection, it may not possible to remove all stains on the interior. The goal is to make a significant difference. At the minimum, it’ll be reduced or minimized.


Can you come out to me for this service?

Yes, for this service, we can come out to your home, job, or apartment. All we need is enough space to work on the vehicle. We service all southern Adelaide and inner-southern suburbs of Adelaide!


Will my interior be soaking wet?

Absolutely not! We do not drench the interior with water. By the time we’re done (depending on the weather), all fabric material should be around 70% dry. We use special upholstery tools for shampooing to minimize how much water we introduce to the fabric.


Do you remove seats?

We can remove the interior seats if necessary. We have the proper tools and machines to get the job done.


Does this package remove smoke odour from my interior?

Our Full Interior detailing package will reduce if not eliminate most odours. We can also flush your air-conditioning system with an odour-specific treatment to eliminate things like cigarette smoke or smells from vomit and dog hair.


Will there be any chemical smells once you’re done?

The interior will have no smell of chemicals. All you get back is a clean interior!


Can you clean every stain?

Sometimes we’re not able to clean certain areas or fabric due to the condition that it’s in. If we clean it, we might reduce the stain, but we’ll also damage/discolor/fray the material itself. So sometimes we’re limited on what we can do.


My interior is really bad. Can you handle it?

We have worked on hundreds of different interiors of all makes, models, and conditions. We are professional detailers that are properly equipped to handle 98% of all interiors. If your interior is in terrible condition, we are up to the challenge! Please give us a call, send us some photos, and we can give you a quote.

david kiss owner of bubble & squeak car detailing


Your Local, Family-Owned Detailing Experts

Our family-owned business proudly offers specialised cleaning services that make a real difference for your car.


Our mission is simple: to provide a clean that speaks volumes and a service that echoes our dedication to you, our client.

As a non-franchised, family-run operation, we cherish each client interaction and strive to exceed expectations with old-fashioned customer service and transparent communication from start to finish.

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