BMW X3 car detail package adelaide



Experience, Advanced Technology and Equipment Make Us Special.

While a majority of car washing cafes and budget car detailers choose quantity over quality, we choose QUALITY every time. Our attention to detail and exceptional results we achieve are a direct reflection of our pricing and the time taken to complete a treatment. The old saying is true, you get what you pay for, and our rapidly growing client base see tremendous value in the results that we deliver.

Why Should You Use Bubble & Squeak Car Detailing?​

  • Pride is taken on all detailing projects with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

  • We only use the highest quality car detailing products.

  • Professional, reliable and friendly service.

  • Reliability – You can count on us.

  • We hold full liability and insurance cover.

Our Mobile Car Wash and Vacuum Packages Includes The Following:

  • All carpet and fabric vacuumed.

  • The interior is completely wiped down using quality cleaners and soft brushes.

  • All interior glass cleaned.

  • All door jambs cleaned.

  • Wheels decontaminated and cleaned to break down and remove brake dust and dirt.

  • Wheel wells pre-sprayed and pressure rinsed.

  • Exterior is given a preliminary pressure rinse to remove loose particles.

  • Exterior surfaces are covered with a rich pH neutral snow foam to pre-clean and loosen embedded particles.

  • Second pressure rinse is performed to remove all soap and further reduce dirt and grime.

  • The vehicle is hand washed using plush microfibre wash mitts.

  • A final rinse to remove all soap from every crevice of the vehicle.

  • The vehicle is dried using quality microfibre towels.

  • All exterior glass is cleaned.

Mobile Vehicle Detailing in Adelaide, South Adelaide.

​Bubble & Squeak are your local mobile car detailing experts. We live locally – we are 100% Adelaide locals. When you choose our mobile car detailing services near you, you benefit from:

  • Save the trouble of travelling.

  • The highest quality car detail, and

  • Deepest clean possible.


Have Your Car Looking Like Brand New.

We are well-equipped to give your car the ultimate detail every time. Throughout the years we have expanded our skill set and continue to strive for perfection.

foam cannon outside wash results

Our luxurious foam formula restores shine to your paint after each wash. Safe & gentle, pH balanced so it won't strip quality waxes or ceramic coatings.

full interior detail vacuum

Our full interior detailing process will restore and protect your interior trims and plastics while providing ultimate UV protection in Adelaide's harsh sun.

interior carpet shampoo deep clean

Our shampoo process provides the deepest extraction possible for all upholstery, including seats, mats and floors. Eliminates embedded smell and stains.

ferrari engine bay detail by Bubble & Squeak car detailing

Our engine bay detailing process provides ultimate protection and gloss. We do not use any silicone based products which can damage plastics and make them sticky.

rim and wheel detail cleaned on mercedes

Our wheel detailing process will safely remove even the heaviest build-up of carbon. We also clean the wheel wells to add the final aesthetic touch to your vehicle.

headlight restoration backed with a 12 month warranty

With our 5-step headlight restoration process will restore faded, peeling or discoloured headlights to their former glory. All with a 12 month warranty.

corporate fleet mobile detailing at your workplace

Detailing your fleet keeps your trucks or vehicles in top shape, leaving behind a lasting impression on your customers and clients.

remove interior car seats to treat pet hair

Remove dog and pet hair from your car. We treat dirt, pet hair embedded in the upholstery, seats, floor, and every nook and cranny.


During the wet winter months, mould can be a real problem. Bubble & Squeak Car Detailing are experts in treating and killing all kinds of mould.

leather upholstery care and conditioning

Leather & Vinyl care process will restore moisture to your leather and strengthen it for future wear and tear to make it last longer in Adelaide's harsh sun.

deep steam cleaning interior trims for the perfect result

We use the power of steam to remove stains clean all areas of a car's interior. It's a superior way to deep clean even the dirtiest interior trims inside your vehicle.

machine polish with DA polisher and polishing compound

Our cut and polish corrects minor paint defects and enhances the visual appearance of your vehicles bodywork. More importantly is provides ultimate protection.

COVID car cleaning detailing

Detailing your vehicle properly during a pandemic. We have the ability to perform deep interior sterilisation to kill COVID and flu virus to protect your family.

hard water spot removal

Hard water spots are sometime impossible to remove as minerals etch themselves into the pores. We can safely remove water oxidation restoring shine to your car.

clay bar on black paint

Remove contaminants and pollutants from the pores of your paint by using clay bay. It prepares your paint for the ultimate finish and polish.