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Paint Correction Explained

We specialize in high quality automotive detailing and paint correction services which has built our reputation and business model. We are truly passionate about vehicles, car care, and our relationship with all of our clients.

Protect your vehicles paint from the elements

At Bubble & Squeak Car Detailing, we use the latest equipment and knowledge and provide a tailored service to meet the exact needs of your paint. Every car will require a different level of attention and care. We know how to handle your vehicle to get the job done right the first time around.

experts in paint protection correction

What we offer in paint correction

Paint correction involves using the highest level of quality equipment, products and knowledge to remove surface imperfections and enhance the paint work on your vehicle. Our machine polish will provide a long-lasting deep gloss to your paint, and will remove swirl marks, fine scratches, bird droppings, holograms, and random scratches. Our packages that offer a machine polish aim to remove up to 70-80% of paint defects. However our main focus is to protect your paint with a high quality polishing compound.

We offer 2 different paint protection packages

We offer two different packages that include a machine polish:

  • Full Exterior Detail. This package includes a professional outside wash with a machine polish to provide deep gloss and protection for your paint.

  • Premium Detail Package. This is our most advanced package ever! It provides a full inside and outside detail with interior steam cleaning and upholstery shampoo, and a machine polish to provide deep gloss and protection. We spend an entire day on your vehicle.

Paint correction VS. ceramic coating

Ceramic coatings have become more popular in the last decade. Ceramic coatings are completely clear and do not have the ability to hide any defects in the paint. This is where it differs greatly. Paint correction or machine polishing is an intensive process that ultimately removes paint defects from the car’s surface including swirl marks, scratches, water spots, bird etchings, buffing trails and oxidisation.

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