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Rim & Wheel Detailing

Wheel well, rim cleaning and tire cleaning is very important to the overall appearance of a freshly detailed vehicle. Properly cleaned wheel wells and tires enhances the look and performance of dressings.

Cleaning your wheels & rims

Having wheels covered in brake dust is a complete eye sore and can take away from the overall look of any vehicle. Wheels that look brand new, on the other hand, can turn heads and really show off your car. Properly caring for your wheels is not difficult or time consuming when maintained on a regular basis.

The variety of wheels makes knowing how to properly clean them critical. We only use non-acid wheel cleaners as they safely remove dirt and brake dust without damaging the wheels during the cleaning process.

Using the right tools are important too. We use soft natural bristle brush, and clean by hand. This protects your rims from micro-scratching and provides the deepest clean possible.

Once the wheels are cleaned, we apply multiple thin layers of non-silicone wheel gloss which provides a satin finish without becoming sticky. This helps your wheels stay cleaner for longer!

Contact Us today to schedule an appointment or Book Online and give your car's interior the attention it deserves.

Photos of our professional wheel detailing service

amg wheel clean and detail

prado wheel clean and detail

ferrari wheel clean and detail


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