highest rated mini detail package in adelaide


More than just a standard wash

An excellent package to maintain your vehicle in pristine condition through regular maintenance. Not only will you see a big difference in the appearance, but you’ll be able to feel the smoothness and slickness of the paint once we’re done with the service.

Our primary goal with this package is to maintain your vehicle in pristine condition through regular maintenance. We address everything by hand and correct the little things so they don't turn into big things down the track.

This detailing package also includes Permanon Goldline PSI+14 Ceramic Gloss which is designed to give your paint the highest level of gloss and protection.

Our Mini Detail 18-step process:

  1. Wheels hand scrubbed with a soft detailing brush.

  2. Fenders pre-sprayed and pressure rinsed.

  3. Pre-soak to treat bugs.

  4. 1st high pressure rinse to remove heavy contaminants.

  5. High quality pH neutral snow foam cannon.

  6. Hand wash with soft microfibre towels.

  7. 2nd high pressure rinse.

  8. Hand dried with soft microfibre towels.

  9. Door jambs cleaned.

  10. Permanon Goldline PSI+14 Ceramic Gloss​.

  11. Wheels glossed.

  12. Interior vacuumed and wiped over.

  13. Cup holders detailed.

  14. Air-con vents detailed.

  15. Interior trims wiped down.

  16. Dash UV protected

  17. Glass cleaned inside and out.

  18. Interior deodoriser.

Car $130  |  SUV $150  |  4WD $190  |  Van $220

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Have your car looking like brand new

The highlights of our Mini Detail package.

exterior wash and detail results

Exterior Wash & Detail

interior vacuum clean with attention to detail

Interior Vacuum and Clean

cleaning centre console, dashboard and doors

Interior Trims UV Protected


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