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Upholstery Shampoo

Caring for your interior is just as important as your exterior. You spend the most time inside your vehicle and your passengers often take notice of how clean, or not so clean, your interior is. Keep your interior looking like new so you enjoy getting into your vehicle each and every time.

Why interior shampooing is so important?

Unfortunately your carpets, seats and mats often see the most wear and tear since you are constantly bringing in dirt, debris and contamination from your shoes. Especially if you have children, it can be very hard to keep your car interior stain-free because of your busy family life!

  • Deep clean to the carpet and fabrics in the car leaving a clean and sanitary surface.

  • Pulls up all the fabric hair for a plush soft surface.

  • Eliminates smells that are trapped inside the fabric.

  • Removes stains that discolours your interior.

interior shampoo on car seat

How does shampooing work?

The first step is we spray all the upholstery with a deep cleaning pre-spray fluid which breaks down hard stains and debris trapped in the fibres of the upholstery, fabric, carpet and mats.

Then with our shampoo machine, we spray clean water and extract not only the cleaning fluid, but also any dirt and grime trapped deep down into the fabric. Because it physically removes contaminants - not just pushing them deeper in to the carpet - it provides an amazing deep clean that will restore even the dirtiest of interiors. This process also effectively treats mould and other harmful spores.

Our upholstery shampoo service is all included in our Full Interior Detail, Complete Detail and Premium Detail packages!

Contact Us today to schedule an appointment or Book Online and give your car's interior the attention it deserves.

Check out these before and after shots!

dog hair carpet shampoo detailing
dirty carpet shampoo detailing


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