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Interior Steam Cleaning

Why do we use steam? We use the power of steam to remove stains and steam clean all areas of a car's interior. It's a superior way to deep clean even the dirtiest interior hard-trims inside your vehicle. Oh, and did we mention its environmentally friendly too!

Automotive steam cleaning and car detailing

Get amazing results when cleaning leathers. Just like on your skin, heat allows pores on the surface to open up, making it easy to remove built up dirt and grime. By gently massaging the steam into the leather, the heat penetrates deep into the surface and lifts out any bacteria resulting in a clean like never before!

Car interiors

Steam will blast clean the entire interior of your car. With attachments to reach the tightest areas, and vacuum with remove all traces of dirt and crumbs. Ideal for cleaning hard to reach cup holders, door jambs and hinges.


We can restore upholstery while removing any residues from spills and ground in dirt. The heat from the dry steam lifts dirt and odours (including smoke) away from the interior upholstery, allowing them to be dry within minutes and restored to new finish.


Using steam on the dashboard effectively remove dust and dirts; Also flushes out aircon vents, destroying smells and dirt in the HVAC system. Check it out below!

Contact Us today to schedule an appointment or Book Online and give your car's interior the attention it deserves.

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