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Mould Removal

We are expects in mould removal and detailing.

During the wet winter months, mould can be a real problem. Starting from the slightest damp spot and spreading to the rest of the car in no time. In addition to the nasty, grimy growth on your seats, windows, and doors, it comes with a dank smell that is all but impossible to disperse.

Or maybe you've left the window partially open to ventilate the car and a little rain got in and voila, you have a mouldy outbreak on your hands. Sadly even cleaning your car and shutting it before it dries completely can cause mould. And if you drive a convertible, you unused hood can gather quite a bit of mould as it lies in storage.

Bubble & Squeak Car Detailing are experts in treating and killing all kinds of mould. We begin a 'mould bomb' which is specifically formulated to target and destroy mould everywhere inside the vehicle - including the aircon system. We then scrub, wipe, and vacuum every inch of the car. We might even remove the seats to be 100% confident we have contained all the mould.

We then follow up with steam cleaning and upholstery extraction shampoo. This physically removed any left over mould spores.

If you need help dealing with your mould problem, we are experts in knowing what to do. Contact us today! We would love to get your car looking perfect again.

If you have any questions or just looking to chat about cars, we're only an email or call away. Check out our homepage here. Or you can compare all our Detailing Packages here.

Check out some before and after shots of mould on a VW Golf

car interior upholstery mould before and after
car interior steering wheel mould before and after
car interior center console mould before and after
car interior door trims mould before and after


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