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Vomit and Coffee Stain Removal Specialists

Banish odours with Bubble & Squeak's signature shampoo extraction. Our Powerful Pre-Spray extraction breaks down unpleasant smells permantetly.

Our vehicles often bear witness to unexpected spills, from the aftermath of an upset stomach to the unintentional spillage of milk or coffee. Beyond the visible mess, these incidents can leave a lasting mark in the form of persistent odors. Its so important to remove not only removing the visible stains but also delving into the nooks and crannies where these smells may linger.

Our team goes the extra mile to trace the path of spills, exploring the spaces between seats where liquids may seep and settle. Identifying these hidden areas is a crucial step in ensuring a comprehensive cleanup that leaves no room for lingering odors.

By addressing not only visible stains but also investigating and cleaning hidden spaces, our approach ensures a comprehensive and lasting solution. The next time unexpected spills threaten to linger in your car, trust our team to bring back that new car feeling with a meticulous shampoo extraction process. Your vehicle deserves a fresh start, and we're here to deliver it.

Contact Us today to schedule an appointment or Book Online and give your car's interior the attention it deserves.

shampoo interior carpet after vomit

shampoo interior carpet after coffee drink spilt


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