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Unleashing the Beauty of Your Car

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Our ultimate goal is to provide you with all the information on car detailing. Once you have finished reading our blog post, we invite you to explore our Service List and consider making a booking. Our team would be thrilled to hear from you and assist you with your needs.

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Water Spot Removal

Does your car collect hard water spots that are impossible to remove when washing your car? If you do, our service safely removes the water spots. This often happens when the vehicle is parked near sprinklers where the car might get sprinkles from the over spray. The water left behind bakes away leaving hard deposits on the car. These deposits are similar to what's on the shower door over time.

Hard water spots that are impossible to remove

Don’t be mistaken and feel that a regular car wash with extra abrasive cleaning techniques will eliminate the water spots. In fact, you might introduce scuff marks and scratches to your car.

  • Remove the spots leaving a clean and shiny car

  • Once removed, we recommend a protect and seal product to prevent the water spots again

Let us safely remove the water spots here Bubble & Squeak Car Detailing.

Contact Us today to schedule an appointment or Book Online and give your car's interior the attention it deserves.

water spot removal passenger window

water spot removal car window

water spot removal on windscreen


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