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Signage and Sticker Removal

Stickers and decals are easy to apply. However, removing them is a completely different story!

Anyone who’s ever pulled a piece of tape off something knows that it usually results in one of two things:

  • The tape taking everything underneath with it

  • Sticky residue that attracts dirt and dust

As well as being an eyesore, this also makes it difficult to put up your own signage and stickers afterwards.

We offer removal of all types of signage, including window stickers, decals and paint.

Our methods and tools are powerful, but gentle – we work carefully to remove signage, without damaging your paint or glass.

Having professional detailer's doing the removal process ensures peace of mind.

Contact Us today to schedule an appointment or Book Online and give your car's interior the attention it deserves.

Our 5-step decal removal process

1. In this example, we needed to remove each letter by hand.

No matter the size of the job. Here at Bubble & Squeak Car Detailing we are more than happy to help.

signage removal process

2. Depending on the type of material, the sticker is gently removed with either heat or chemicals.

The recommended removal process is through heat and correct technique. We have removed the most intricate signwriting decals and have a great reputation for professional cost effective sticker removal.

decal removal process on paint

3. After the signage has been removed, we now need to focus on the adhesive left behind.

We commonly see razor cuts and deep scratches from other companies attempting to remove stickers and ultimately cause irreparable damage. Getting Bubble & Squeak Car Detailing for your vinyl removal is the professional choice.

sticker removal adhesive residue

4. Removal of residual adhesive left behind after removing the stickers.

We come to you and have all the equipment to remove the most difficult stickers. Vinyl breaks down over time by UV and this causes the glue and material to break up and can make for very difficult removal.

signage removal adhesive residue by hand

5. Polish the panel to removal colour variations and provide protection for the new exposed paint.

Some vehicle's may require a Cut and Polish as needed in order to bring the paint work back to a high gloss finish.

signage removal cut and polish to finish the process


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