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Look no further! Specialists in mobile car detailing. We have several years experience and use industry leading equipment and products; and pride ourselves on the perfect car detail.

We are not a franchise - we are a family owned and operated South Australian business. We are professional, reliable and affordable.​


Whether you have a brand-new car, or a car that’s older than you are, keeping it in good shape is likely on your list of priorities. Getting your car detailed by the professionals at Bubble & Squeak Car Detailing can help it to look it's very best, regardless of its age. We offer a variety of vehicle detailing packages to meet your needs.

Mobile car detailing - Home or office

100% Adelaide owned & operated

Fully insured

Use only high quality name-brand products

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Specialists in the perfect detail

We are well-equipped to give your car the ultimate detail every time. Throughout the years we have expanded our skill set and continue to strive for perfection.

Carnauba Foam Cannon

Our luxurious foam formula restores shine to your paint after each wash. Safe and gentle, pH balanced so it won't strip quality waxes and is safe for all ceramic coatings.

Upholstery Extraction Shampoo

Our shampoo machine can extract all upholstery, including seats, mats and floors. We provide the deepest extraction possible to restore even the heaviest soiled upholstery.

Ceramic Paint Protection

Our ceramic coating uses advanced polymer monomer technology which produces a long-lasting superior gloss coating which keeps your car cleaner for longer!

Engine Bay Detail

Our professional engine bay detailing process offers a thorough & effective clean that will add value to your car.

Interior Steam Cleaning

Our steam cleaning process is a superior way to deep clean even the dirtiest interior trims. Oh, and did we mention its environmentally friendly too!

Rim & Wheel Detail

Our rim & wheel detailing process will add the final aesthetic touch to your detail.


What our clients say about us!

We are in the business of providing the highest quality service and complete customer satisfaction. Car detailing is not just our profession; it’s our passion and our clients couldn't agree more.


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