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Mobile Headlight Restoration

The restoration of your car’s headlight makes a massive difference to how your car looks. Dirty faded car lenses at the front of your car make your car look tired and dirty. The cleaning and polishing process of car headlights conducted by Bubble & Squeak Car Detailing makes a massive difference to the appearance of your car.

If you want to maximise the resale value of your car, get your headlights cleaned and restored.

headlight restoration polish

We offer mobile headlight refurbishment or headlight restoration.

Clean headlights save lives. The lenses of your headlights deteriorate over time, due to effects of the harsh Australian sun and most times drivers don’t notice until they are driving on a particularly dark night when suddenly your headlights are not producing a strong steady beam of light.

The plastic used to cover of your headlights is a tempered form of polycarbonate plastic which, although extremely strong, is inherently porous. The manufacturer covers the plastic with a protective film to compensate for the porous nature of the plastic, however, due to conditions as already mentioned, the film begins to degrade and the plastic becomes oxidized.

Our 5-step headlight restoration process will restore faded, peeling or discoloured headlights to their former glory. We also protect the lens with a ceramic coating. We are so confident in our headlight restoration process, it comes with a 12 month warranty!

Contact Us today to schedule an appointment or Book Online and give your car's interior the attention it deserves.

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