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How To Detail The 'Classic Car'.

Older classic cars require extra measures of protection to keep them in top shape. Technology used to build them was not to the same standard as modern vehicles. If a classic car were to be treated as a normal vehicle, you would find it would likely degrade at a faster rate than the average modern car.

Keeping this in mind, here are some excellent tips to keep your classic car in the best shape possible.

fully restored 1997 ford falcon detail

Drive your classic car only when the weather is appropriate

The metal used on classic cars were sprayed with a primer and paint, not dipped or coated by electrolysis like a modern car. Any bare metal is more susceptible to rust and corrosion, so keeping it out of the weather is very important.

Drive your classic car on high-quality roads

Avoid driving roads riddled with potholes or unknown routes. Avoid driving on gravel roads where stones can chip your paint.

Perform regular maintenance

Classic cars require more attentive maintenance than modern cars. They were built in an era where engine rebuilds were performed as routine maintenance and fluids changed much more frequently. Never delay proper maintenance to ensure your classic car lasts as long as possible.

Keep your classic car clean and protected

Classic cars will last longer if you properly clean and protect them, whether you drive the car or leave it parked. If you drive the car, it is exposed to environmental elements which could damage your paint job. A high quality polish wax will leave your car shiny and attractive, but most importantly protect it against UV damage and from environmental elements.

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