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Vehicle Interior COVID Clean

Detailing your vehicle properly during a pandemic

We understand how important it is to protect your family or business against airborne viruses and that's why we have developed a disinfectant process to give you piece of mind if the driver of your car has been tested positive for COVID or any other influenza.

Thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom

Safe COVID car cleaning

If your vehicle needs a deep disinfectant clean because of COVID we know exactly what to do and how to do it. We use full body PPE, gloves and facemask and we have the detailing experience in using the right chemicals and processes to give you absolute peace of mind.

Amongst other products, we use CounterFlu™ by Agar. This is a hospital-grade disinfectant with a powerful cleaning action that kills viruses including COVID-19 virus and flu virus, germs, bacteria, fungi and moulds. It leaves any hard surface clean, disinfected, and perfumed with a long-lasting citrus fragrance.

Agar CounterFlu disinfectant key benefits:

If you need advise on disinfecting your car, contact us today or view our detailing packages below.


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