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Dangers Of An Automatic Car Wash

Automatic car washes have gained popularity as they are hassle-free and time-saving. However, despite their convenience, automatic car washes can do more harm than good to your car.

The water used is recycled

Automatic car washes are environmentally friendly as they are designed to reuse water. A purification system might be installed to remove contaminants, they are not 100 percent efficient. Using hard recycled water to wash your car will leave spots and ruin the results.

Harsh cleaning agents

To clean a variety of cars, automatic car washes generally use cleaning agents that contain acid or non-pH chemicals. Though the outcome is a sparkling clean car, the acid will gradually erode your car’s paint protection.

Not all dirt is removed

The lack of contact especially for automatic touchless car washes hinders their capability to clean the whole vehicle. Trouble spots are not identified and given the attention they require. Accumulated dirt only means that your car will be looking dismal as the days go by.

The Bubble & Squeak Difference

When comparing us between a car wash, the results are night-and-day. Here's how we look after your investment:

  • We use high pressure to safely rinse all areas of the vehicle to get the paint ready for the wash.

  • We use only the highest quality foam wash that is pH neutral.

  • We use a Foam Cannon to provide the best possible protection against swirl marks.

  • Double bucket method to protect your investment.

  • Microfiber hand dry.

Oh and did we mention we are a fully mobile car detailer? We bring all our own equipment to provide the best results each and every time!

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